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About Michael D. Lagios, MD


Dr. Michael D. Lagios, a nationally recognized breast pathologist and medical director of The Breast Cancer Consultation Service, provides the service and personally discusses the findings with you. He has directed this and similar services in San Francisco since 1980.

Dr. Lagios is an internationally recognized expert on duct carcinoma in situ and has written or co-authored much of the pertinent literature in this area over the last 30 years. Dr. Lagios has been recognized by "Best Doctors in America" (1992) to the present.  He was an editor for Seminars in Breast Disease, co-editor for Breast Diseases, a Yearbook Quarterly, a current editor for The Breast Journal.  Dr. Lagios reviews for Cancer, Breast Cancer Research Treatment, American Journal of Surgical Oncology, Modern Pathology, The Breast Journal and others. He was president of the American Society for Breast Disease from 1997 to 1999 and was on their board of directors from 2000 to 2004. He is also an associate clinical professor of pathology at Stanford University.

Dr. Michael D. Lagios, The Breast Cancer Consultation Service

The Breast Cancer Consultation Service

Michael D. Lagios, MD   •   415-789-0965

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